The name Chernogorovo comes from the Bulgarian word for “black forest”. The hills that are home to these vineyards,”the Golden Hills”, have been famous for the cultivation of vines since time immemorial. A pristine land full of vitality; each year hundreds of storks return to Chernogorovo to rebuild their nests. This is the land we want to preserve.


These are the lands of the ancient Thracians, among the first peoples in the world to make and venerate wine. Orphic rituals, the divinities Zagreus and Dionysus, the songs of Orpheus and the heroism of Spartacus. Heroes and poets, mysteries and ancient secrets; wine as a divine beverage, as an expression of art and knowledge. This is our heritage.


This is Bulgaria, in the heart of the Balkans. A land of ancient civilizations. The place where East and West, where Europe and Asia meet and merge. A land of wine and roses, of proud traditions and genuine people. This is our land.

The hills of the storks: a unique natural habitat

The “Golden hills” surrounding the Neragora estate create its unique identity, providing an excellent microclimate perfectly suited to the cultivation of vines. Arriving in Chernogorovo, the Azzolini family found a pristine natural habitat and worked hard to maintain the harmony of this ecosystem of flora, fauna and vineyards. This is the reason for the choice of organic agricultural techniques.